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Science with the Hubble Space Telescope - III
two decades and counting

In honour of Bob Fosbury

October 11-14, 2010

Palazzo Cavalli-Franchetti, Venice, Italy

Venice in winter

After an initial agreement between NASA and ESA in 1977 and following Hubble's more than twenty years in space and 110,000 orbits of the Earth, the aim of this conference is to celebrate the huge contributions made by the Hubble observatory to our knowledge and understanding of the Universe. It is an opportunity to present its current performance following the successful servicing mission in May 2009 (SM4) and is a platform for showing early scientific results arising from the first year of operation of the new and repaired instruments. The meeting will provide a forum to consider the future usage of Hubble and to discuss the contributions that the observatory will make in the context of new space and groundbased facilities.

Invited speakers:

John Blakeslee Mario Livio Adam Riess
Julianne Dalcanton Duccio Macchetto Eric Smith
Sandra Faber John Mather David Southwood
Fabio Favata Patrick McCarthy Massimo Stiavelli
Laura Ferrarese Mark McCaughrean Giovanna Tinetti
Cynthia Froning Jon Morse Monica Tosi
James Green Matt Mountain Jason Tumlinson
Garth Illingworth Robert O'Connell Hal Weaver
Paul Kalas Robert O'Dell Robert Williams
Randy Kimble Giampaolo Piotto
David Leckrone Marc Postman

Questions and information:

Sponsored by ESA, NASA

Organised by ST-ECF, STScI with Istituto Veneto di Scienze Lettere ed Arti

Conference poster

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